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Microsoft Dreamspark Premium Microsoft Office Drucker AG


Drucker AG

What is the Drucker AG?

We manage the print account of your retina account, charge your accounts balance and hand out software keys of the "Microsofts Dreamspark Premium Program".

How can I use the printers?

To use the printers you just have to create a retina account and charge its balance at our office hours. Happy Printing!

What is special?
  • our printers are cheaper than those of the university
  • printing a double page(2ct/page) is cheaper than printing two single pages(3ct/page)

Please note:

Printer balance can't be payed back. You must use it or it will decay on your exmatriculation.

Office Hours

Starting on October the 21th 2019:

Day Office Hours Meeting Point
Monday 11:45 AM - 12:15 PM P1-E0-314

At Semester Break

You can contact us by sending a mail.

IMPORTANT Information:

  • we answer only when the mail contains your retina account name
  • the doodle service is only available at the semester break
  • please tell us if you 1. want to charge your account or 2. want a key
  • you don't need a doodle account

Prices and Bonus

single page 3ct per page
double page 2ct per page

from a value of you get a bonus about
6,00€ 0,25€
11,00€ 0,50€
16,00€ 1,00€
21,00€ 1,50€

Microsoft Dreamspark Premium

What is Microsoft Dreamspark Premium?

Microsoft offers their operating system Windows 7, 8 and 10, Visio 13, Visual Studio 13 etc. for free.

How do I get this software?
  1. you have to create a retina account, and order a licence paper from the retina homepage: direct link
  2. now you'll get an email to the address you registered at the retina account with
  3. print this document, read it, sign it and visit our office hours. IMPORTANT: we need your ID-card and/or your university ID-card!
  4. you will have to copy the received keys as a backup in case you lose them

Now you can download the programs from the software server.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Dreamspark Premium does not include Microsoft Office, but you can get it for a processing fee each year. This offer is available for all students of the TU-Dortmund.

prices and description here